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Swift Customer Service

Our team of dedicated professionals and engineers provide 24hours support for our numerous clients, allowing them to focus on their core business as we ensure they enjoy uninterrupted power supply.

Professional Installations

We carry out an energy audit to know the power need of every client and thereafter thorough calculations are done to ascertain the appropriate system size and design suitable for the client. We ensure that all necessary components, like wires, earthing, surge arrestor, breakers, etc. are put to proper use in delivering a detailed installation that will not constitute an environmental nuisance nor disrupt the aesthetics of the premises.

Routine Maintenance

We carry out routine maintenance and check-ups on installed systems in residential and commercial facilities.

Ecozar Technologies is a leading solar energy company in Nigeria, founded almost a decade ago the company has since done solar power and inverter installations in homes and corporate premises across Nigeria. We specialize in designs, installations and maintenance of high-quality solar energy systems, and inverter battery backup solutions. We deliver reliable power solutions that economically sustainable and can be tailored to each client’s unique need and specification.

Our team is made up of dedicated renewable energy professionals and engineers who ensure the power needs of our clients, are well met and at the most affordable rate, and also provide 24 hours support of the infrastructure when needed.


To take advantage of the abundant sun light and the robust advancement in solar energy technology to light up homes and businesses at affordable rate, as renewable energy remains the most economically sustainable source of power

Why Ecozar?

Ecozar uses the latest solar technologies that have been proven to be rugged to increase the solar insolation received by installed solar panels. We also have an expansive array of power boosters, solar panels, hybrid inverters, MPPT charge controllers, wind power solutions, deep cycle batteries, recycling technologies, and installation tools.

Our power solutions and systems have been installed successfully in residential and commercial buildings,  in farms for irrigation purposes, in water plants, industries, factories, cold rooms, filling stations, banks, schools, hospitals, estates, churches, mosque, street lights, and solar boreholes.

With several manufacturers engaged in the production of solar energy components, it is difficult for just anyone to carefully select the best inverters, batteries, solar panels and charge controllers from different manufacturers and put them together for optimum efficiency.This is what makes makes Ecozar Technologies the best solar energy company in Nigeria

The renewable energy arena is constantly evolving and we are keeping pace, networking with strategic partners that will enable us to deliver the best solutions to our clients.

Technology High Points

  • Noiseless, it is totally noiseless
  • Turns on and off automatically without any human interference.
  • Improves public health.
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • It saves you money spent on fuel / diesel and generator maintenance. It also reduces your electric bill
  • Requires little or no maintenance, allowing our clients enjoy ease of life and focus on their core business.
  • Inexhaustible energy supply
  • Reliable and resilient